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Full Version: Codeigniter- Kolkata : Can't use parameter passing
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Hello to all .

We are having the following problems :

1> We can’t use directory word to define controller:If we use Directory in class name then PHP error occurs.

2> 2> We cant use parameter passing-when we are trying to pass a value through the URL then we can’t access the variable .
However we have found a solution to recover Parameter passing .We use Trackback Method to access the variable but in that case we have to use more codings .Can anyone let us know how to pass the parameter without TrackBack Method.

Don't know if this is a drawback or not but it has given us some problems in course of our works .

Thatz for now .We have faced another problem also which we will be posting soon.

Thanks to all fall your time .
Will be waiting for lots of suggestions or opinions.
P.S- We have made this post to "Codeigniter development Forums" also if we get any help .You can also contact us directly to our site and state your opinions .

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How about a simple code example? That would help.

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I think they are trying to use GET data, I hate to say it, but RTFM: