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Full Version: LDAP authentication + Roles/Access Control
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Complete CI noob here.

I need LDAP Authentication but also a Role-based access control system (roles won't come from LDAP). I'm looking at DX_Auth but I need authentication through our LDAP server, not a registration-based login. I think DX_Auth's access control and roles would work for what I need, and I'm looking at LDAP library. Or could I somehow modify DX_Auth to use LDAP?


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Not sure about DX or that stuff but before I got onto CI I had to perform similar operations with our Active Directory server via LDAP. I just got OpenLDAP (assuming you are using Linux for your web server) installed and then wrote my own class to wrap around PHP's built in LDAP functions (eg. ldap_connect and the like). Works a treat! That being said, I haven't ported it to a CI Library or Plugin or anything.

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the download not work.