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Wondering if I can pick your brain a little. I am looking for people familiar with the SQLite db format. I have never used this before and want to know a little more about it's performance. Would SQLite perform well in a read-only situation?

I am developing an application which will sit on our servers and allow people to log in and edit something (this is going to be MySQL), the users will then be able to "push" the data to their servers which will house a second smaller application that will just read the data. A semi-hosted application if you will.

I am wondering if SQLite would be good to use on the customer's application because it would be less overhead and configuration (only requirement would be php). Also it might be easier to push a physical file from my server to theirs.

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Although I've never used it, so going based purely on what I've heard/read

SQLight gives much the same functionality as MySQL, the only part where its disadvantaged is in concurrency. If you're only going to have a few users accessing the database simultaneously, then it should be fine, but once you get into the tens of users, you'lll notice a drop in performance (and possibly data inconsistencies)

Things may have changed since I last looked into it, so maybe someone can confirm if this is still the case