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[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Codeigniter + Drupal = FireOrb


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[eluser]Sean Gates[/eluser]
Um ... why?

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[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
I thought about this for about 5 seconds once and concluded it was pointless. And it's built on 4.7. WTF!? Drupal's striding into 7.0. 4.7 doesn't even get security updates anymore.

Quote:What this means is that I can use any of the classes, libraries or helpers that Codeigniter provides to build or refactor the Drupal modules

All for that?

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[eluser]Johan André[/eluser]
Hacked CI + Hacked acient Drupal = Very bad idea

What about updating to newer CI?
Does anyone release drupal 4.7 modules anymore?

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It is a fork and not meant to follow Drupal in any manner or form. 4.7 is because this was the simplest codebase with the least possibility of falling apart as things a stripped out.

Now you may ask why a fork and why this? A fork because there are things in Drupal 5 and 6 that are not what I would have liked to see in Drupal ( Drupal 7 is more of the stuff I don't like). I am simply scratching my own itch and writing code. I really do not like all the automagic things that happen in Drupal and think that the code base should be smaller. Views and CCK, though I use and understand them, give me a rash.

I liked CI from the very beginning and it has large parts that are very similar to Drupal 4.7. I would like to be able to write a MVC application now and again but not every time. So putting them together gives me what I need for my own small and medium sized sites without resorting to Wordpress.

I could have written a new CMS from scratch but I like the head start that a fork gives. The integration lets me hit the ground running. Frankly, I am bored with all PHP CMSes that only seem to be getting larger (feature bloat) and lack any real improvements in the use of PHP or MySQL.

Like I said in the post this stuff is not for everyone. I am only distributing it because it might save someone else some headaches and time. For me it works nicely because I build sites mostly from scratch and maintain them. I use a CMS is only when it might speed up development time in the same manner that I use CI.

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I found some earlier bits of code for integrating Codeigniter to Drupal. I have expanded on it in an FireOrb Codeigniter MVC that allows you to use the CI the complete MVC environment wrapped in the CMS. So now you can either pick and choose bits to mix with the CMS code or roll a complete app. This allow themeing, access control and administration.

The ci index page is scrapped via cURL into FireOrb and protected from direct web browser access by basic http authentication. As the module improves this will be control through admin.

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I will be putting this up on Github as soon as I get a previously Drupal coded module converted over to CI ( aggregator.module ). Everything works to 90% but there are still some misses on renamed functions here and there.