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Full Version: Writing your own 'terms and conditions' or 'privacy policy', if you're not a lawyer? (Possibly O/T)
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Has anyone here ever written their own "terms and conditions" or "privacy policy" for sites you've created? If so, what topics did you include or exclude? How much did you use legalese vs. your native tongue? How did you go about writing the document(s)?

By comparison, has anyone dealt with lawyers for these types of documents? What's a reasonable fee for this sort of legal work? How long does it take? What kind of agreement did you have with the lawyer, especially in terms of enforcement of the legal terms and/or updating the documents?

Finally, if anyone has experience with both approaches, I'd appreciate hearing about it.

/me preps for many IANAL-like responses

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There are some prefabricated versions available freely online. Usually the only catch is that you need to keep the link to their site in the document. I think that generally, there are two types of document. Documents that cost an absolute fortune (as you need to pay for a lawyer to write it up), or free ones where you need to link to the originating site in some way.

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I know of a fair few people that freelance and need to come up with T&Cs;etc, so what they do, is do it themselves (with lots of inspiration from other people existings T&Cs;and free online resources) and then just get a lawyer to check over it. Most people know someone, or know someone that knows someone thats a lawyer/some other legal profession, and would be willing to look over it for free/cheap.
Of course if you're lazy/your time is worth more then it costs to get a lawyer to do it completelty, then that just answered your question (although I have no idea how much getting them to write it in full costs)