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Full Version: Table of Contents Link
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Hello team,

Just a minor point.

In the documentation is there any reason why the Toggle Table of Contents link shouldn't change from :

"##javascript##:void(0);" onclick="myHeight.toggle();"
to :

"../toc.html" onclick="myHeight.toggle();return false;"

I often turn off JS to test functionality. I've found myself at the Docs clicking that link, getting no where and it bugs me.

El Forum

There is also a standard link to the ToC, just above the search box on the right

El Forum

Fair point.

I'm currently doing a project for a disability charity so am super accessibility aware.

JS only links are bad form even if there is an alternative nearby. The non JS/screen reader/text browser thinks "looks like a link, smells like a link... but it ain't a link!"

Of course 99.5% of CI Docs visitors will have JS and are fully capable of working it out if they haven't... But why should they have to?? And what about Mr 0.5%?

I know it's a tiny thing but lots of tiny things add up to a big tiny thing.