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Hi guys,

this is my first post Smile
I was wandering what do you think about console for CI. Similar console like some other frameworks have ... to create scaffolds, migrate database based on models, and things like that. I think it would be good thing for this framework. It is just my wish for now, but maybe i might think of making something like this.

P.S. Sorry for bad english Smile

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no answers? Smile

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[eluser]Nick Husher[/eluser]
There are some other entries into the field of command line interfaces for CodeIgniter. Do some searching in the IgnitedCode section or the Wiki. Perhaps you can expand upon their work rather than reinventing the wheel?

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i did search but couldn't find anything related to this Sad

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[eluser]Nick Husher[/eluser]
Here are a few:
Rails-like Generator Script
CLI - Codeigniter on the Command Linke
CI on the command line

And I'm sure I'm missing some others.

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I am create CI console utility.


Generate file:
ci create application {applicationName}
ci create controller [controllerName] {actionName1} {actionName2} ...
ci create model [controllerName] {functionName1} {functionName2} ...
ci create view [viewName1] {viewName2} {viewName3}
ci create helper [helperName]

Remove file:
ci remove controller [controllerName]
ci remove model [controllerName]
ci remove view [viewName]
ci remove helper [helperName]

Install bundle:
ci install tankauth-1.0.9
ci install zend-1.11.10

Uninstall bundle:
ci uninstall tankauth-1.0.9
ci uninstall zend-1.11.10