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Full Version: [solved] get latest file name after uploading file
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Hi, everyone..

i have a bit question, i'm just try to upload image using file uploading class,
and it works perfectly.

but now i have no idea how to get the latest file_name after auto renaming files.


1. upload ci.jpg
2. upload ci.jpg again then its automatically numbered, so become ci1.jpg

my question is how to get the name ci1.jpg so i can put it on database.


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Check out the File Uploading Class

This is a helper function that returns an array containing all of the data related to the file you uploaded. Here is the array prototype:

[file_name] => mypic.jpg
[file_type] => image/jpeg
[file_path] => /path/to/your/upload/
[full_path] => /path/to/your/upload/jpg.jpg
[raw_name] => mypic
[orig_name] => mypic.jpg
[file_ext] => .jpg
[file_size] => 22.2
[is_image] => 1
[image_width] => 800
[image_height] => 600
[image_type] => jpeg
[image_size_str] => width="800" height="200"

Here is an explanation of the above array items.

Item Description
file_name The name of the file that was uploaded including the file extension.
file_type The file's Mime type
file_path The absolute server path to the file
full_path The absolute server path including the file name
raw_name The file name without the extension
orig_name The original file name. This is only useful if you use the encrypted name option.
file_ext The file extension with period
file_size The file size in kilobytes
is_image Whether the file is an image or not. 1 = image. 0 = not.
image_width Image width.
image_heigth Image height
image_type Image type. Typically the file extension without the period.
image_size_str A string containing the width and height. Useful to put into an image tag.

Orig_name being the original name, as otherwise (such as in the path) you get the new name.

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thanks for your reply,

is it any query maybe something like these :


sorry i'm still newbie here..

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$data = $this->upload->data();
echo $data['file_name'];

upload->data() returns an array with all that info in it. You can use var_dump($data) with the above code to get a better feel for all the information the file upload class returns.

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Thanks Brian, it's solved now :-)