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Full Version: need help with upload
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im new in codeigniter
and i like it to much
im trying to do some website have users and news
but have some problem with uploading

when user write news he can upload pic if he wants and i can do it perfect
but if he dosent want to upload pic it show message say "You did not select a file to upload."
ok i dont want show message i want to continue and insert news without pic

i'll give u example :

this's form and have :
pic --> this is uplad file

ok i need pic not required field
how to do that?

hope u understnad me, cuz im not very will in engish

thx alot

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[eluser]Zeeshan Rasool[/eluser]
I understood what are u trying to say bro ;-) ,
Ok can you show your code , if this message comes thru javascript then show me your client side validated function Or if this check is in your controller then show here that function.
Without showing the function its hard to say something


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You can try this:
// check if user sent a file
    // process the file using the upload library