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Full Version: Firefox v3.5.5 not rendering CI forums correctly
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I am going to go out on a limb and say that there is something wrong with the CodeIgniter forum (ExpressionEngine) and the way it renders in FireFox on the Macintosh. I am running v3.5.5 of FireFox on a Mac running Leopard and the top breadcrumb/search input bar is not rendering correctly. Some text wraps down into the white background portion of the page, so simply disappears. Even if I try to increase or decrease the font size in the browser, the problem is still apparent. I took a screenshot if you are interested in what it looks like to me.

That's it!

Wasn't sure where to report this, but I thought bug reports was appropriate as it is apparently a 'bug.'

Thank you.

El Forum

I use the same configuration and do not have this problem.

The only way I can achieve the described effect is when I zoom with the 'Zoom text only' option checked.

Then of course the layout breaks.