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Full Version: $config['auth_login_success_action'] = ''; --- HELP
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I am new using CodeIgniter. I'm using free Library:

It is called "Auth" it is a User System Authentication.

I need to know what parameters I need to put here to loging when I typed user and password.

I made a new php file called "login_success.php" into view/auth and I change line number 163 as fallows:

$config['auth_login_success_action'] = 'auth/login_success';

But I got next error when I logged in and try to load "login_success.php" into view/auth:

404 Page Not Found
The page you requested was not found.

I dont understand why does not exits a file which I can load when I got logging.

Could you help me please.

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Welcome to the forum!

Are you familiar with the mvc structure? Have you been able to set up a basic page with say 2 or 3 pages? If so, you'll be loading the auth library in the controller you want to secure.