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Full Version: How to put on View the result of my function at the controler
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Happy new year 2010 !
I'm a big begnner in CI, so iti is very appreciated if someone here can help me:

I've this on the modal :
function GetLesPlusRecents($argIdThematique=0, $argDebut=0, $argFin=10){
$Sql = "select *
from experiences E
where E.FK_IdThematique = ".$argIdThematique."
order by E.DatePost asc limit ".$argDebut.",".$argFin ;
$Query = $this->db->query($Sql);
return $Query->result();
and in the controler :

function LesPlusRecents($argIdThematique = 0,$Page=1){
$DebutOffset = 0;
$FinOffset = $Page*10;
$DebutOffset = (10*($Page-1))+1;
$FinOffset = $Page*10;
$this->data['Page'] = $Page;
$this->data['Thematique'] = $this->mdlthematique->GetById($argIdThematique);
$this->data["Experiences"] = $this->mdlthematique->GetLesPlusRecents($argIdThematique,$DebutOffset,$FinOffset);
foreach ($this->data["Experiences"] as $IdExp => $Exp) {
$this->data["Createur"][$Exp->PK_IdProbleme] = $this->mdluser->GetById($Exp->FK_IdMembreCreateur);
$this->data["Marques"][$Exp->PK_IdProbleme] = $this->mdlrelexpmarque->GetByExperienceTxt($Exp->PK_IdProbleme);
$this->data['NbReagir'][$Exp->PK_IdProbleme] = $this->mdlreponses->Compter("FK_IdProbleme = ".$Exp->PK_IdProbleme);
$this->data['NbCasSimilaire'][$Exp->PK_IdProbleme] = null;

I don't know how to put it on a view!

Thank ou very much!

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In your view vwThematiquesLesPlusRecents.php you can reference $this->data[“Experiences”] as $Experiences
//your view
//$Experiences is a database row passed from your model

echo $Experiences->FK_IdThematique . '<br />';
echo $Experiences->DatePost . '<br />'

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Thank you very much, i'll try it now!

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I've tried it but 've got error, I think I've make mistake on the "reference $this->data[“Experiences”] as $Experiences "

can u tell me the right syntax for this plz!
It's very urgent for me

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you may try if $Experiences contain a value.

//put this in your view

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Have already test the $data on the controller and i saw the data,ive build a function debug :$this->debug(array($this->data));from this i've seen at this array the right value, now i want to put it onn the view, and i don't how to do