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Full Version: An open source Ignited site - spec and code
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Hi there.

I have been a PHP developer for about 8 or 9 years. I use CI and love it.

Recently, I built an application in CI with hooks into Facebook, Picasa, YouTube, and Google Authentication. The application can be found at - but be warned it has plenty of bugs - not finished.

Basically the site is for small private message boards. Each message board gets a subdomain of its own ( The message board authenticates people's gmail accounts, so there is no need to register a 3,000th username with yet another site.

When you post a message, it saves it in MySQL. But if you post a video or a photo, you have the option of linking to your other services (picasa / facebook / youtube). So you don't have to store these assets on your server.

After all this work, I am just too busy to finish it all up. I am hoping to get back to it in a couple of months. Figured I would post all the code here, and if someone is feeling like collaborating (I already put it on Google Code) - hey why not.

I wrote a long specification doc - read that. Though the app was not completely built to spec... close though.

Source code is here:
Specification is here:

If anyone wants to collaborate, give me a shout.

-Matt Reider

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[eluser]Sean Gates[/eluser]
Interesting! I'll have a gander ... Hey why not? ;-)

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Cool! Hope it's all straightforward. The admin directory is admin6/ and the password is in an .htaccess file.

You can install this pretty easily by loading the install/ file on your local machine - but you'll need facebook id / google developer key / captcha key to begin (all are free).

Post all questions here I guess. No better place.