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Full Version: CI & $_POST issue
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i can't say for sure if this is an issue with CI or not, but i'm at a loss and it could be. i feel like i've seen a post about this in the forum before, but i'm not seeing anything in searches.

i haven't touched a production server in quite a while. i got a server monitoring warning that it was seeing packet loss, and about that same time, the application started failing.

i know it isn't the server itself, because i'm hosting other CI-based stuff on the slice that still works just fine. but i also know it isn't something within just one controller, as everything that deals with a POST-based form submit is failing.

the issue is that $_POST isn't sending anything. i submit a form, and do an immediate print_r($_POST), and instead of seeing an array full of stuff as expected, it is empty.

i tried messing with some config stuff, but haven't had any luck.

any thoughts?

El Forum

well, i fixed it myself, although i honestly don't know what i fixed. i addressed some of the server issues by killing a proc that either started to hang or had a memory leak. and in doing so, it restored the posts.