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Full Version: IE6-7 Session problem
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I have some problem with session in internet explorer and i need some help, i really appreciate.

I want to set a flashdata:
$this->session->set_flashdata('test', 'ok');

When that flashdata is there i show a message:
if($this->session->flashdata('test') == 'ok')
echo 'ok';


Everything works just fine on other browsers but in internet explorer i get nothing until a refresh of the page and i don't know what is the problem.

*I need to use the session library with my database and i can't use the native session library.
*I tried to remove the underscore from session_cookie_name( but with no result.
*I tried to change my testing server time( but with no result.

I need to solve this but i don't know how so i need help, i really appreciate.

Thank you!

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Ok, i've done it.

I replaced the ci session library with the Session Hybrid( and everthing works well.

El Forum

Has anybody other suggestions?