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Hi, i have create a shopping cart in my CI app and i have managed to insert paypal lib into it works fine ... but i have few bugs to fix and one question.
The bugs, if i select more then 1 item then in my paypal page it only show one item and i don't know how to make them appear like more items when you checkout.Egs. if i buy 2 items when i checkout it only show one item as the price of the two products.
Second i want to set download products...i was thinking to take advantage of the paypal lib, 'couse after the ipn returns as ok it emails me some info... and i can do something like this...when the ipn returns to email the customer the download product via email but ...there's a twist how can i capture his email and how do i know which file to send him.
Any ideea or sugestion is wellcome.