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Hi i am new to codeigniter and i have developed the frontend for my project through the database and i want to build the backend for that one plz any one tell me how to build the admin area for this one i have searched for google but i didn't got any correct information

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Congrats on getting started with CI. When I first started with CI, I found myself creating rather large admin controllers to handle each part of the apps. Those site still work fine. That's one approach. Lately, I have been using Modular Separation from Phil Sturgeon for both front and back end. This creates a modules folder in the /application folder. Now each section of the frontend has it's own set of controllers/models/libraries/views.

Then I have something like
admin_profiles.php of folders

This allows to create a admin module for my frontend controller. I use routes like
$route['admin/([a-zA-Z_-]+)/(:any)'] = '$1/admin_$1/$2';
$route['admin/([a-zA-Z_-]+)'] = '$1/admin_$1/index';
$route['admin/(:any)']        = 'admin/$1';
$route['admin']               = 'admin/index';

Links like /admin/pages/index loads 'pages/admin_pages/index'. The main admin controller in the /controllers folder has one index method and is the admin dashboard usually with latest info like comments, searches, users, etc.

This is a little verbose, but Modular Separation has helped organize my helps much better than before.