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We are in the process creating a application using SMS interactive for cancer patients. What we would like to create is this.

1. Patient being reminded on their next doctor vistit
2. Patient has list of questions on what to ask their Oncologists.
3. They would login to their account. No problem there.
4. They will have a set of Menu items to choose of. E

Cancer type " List of Cancer Types"

Select Cancer Type

List of Options

Treatment Options
Side Effects
Opportunity for Cancer Trials

Now, what we are looking for is what ever they select
that information would be sent to their phone.
This way, the patient would have the questions to ask their doctor.

is this possible with Code Ignitor??

We are going to buy our own SMS gateway to insure that all this will be free to the patient.

The two important factors is that the data is secured on our server, and if this is possible with CodeIgniter???


El Forum

Hi Smile

You can use CodeIgniter. But you'll need an API that gives you the ability to send variables from the php script to the sms gateway. Or, if is possible, just use a command line with system() or exec() functions and fill the parameters you need. An example is GAMMU (that use cellphones to do that):

If the sms gateway is directly connected to the same machine where is running your website, then, you don't need to do anything else. Otherwise you will need to setup a new http server (with php and database support) where the sms gateway is connected; in this case, in order to receive instructions from your website you can use http GET method.

An example:


Receiving this link just do a query in your database, mysql gives the ability to replicate remote tables (check federated tables:, so you don't need to copy or update. Retrieve the information you need and send the message Smile

For the reminder I suggest you to use crontabs.

I hope it's clear enough, maybe somebody else will post a better solution (I hope so :p).