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Full Version: Copying files from one directory to another
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I am currently writing a script that will basically 'install' a codeigniter installation automatically.

Basically I need to...

1. Create a new folder
2. Copy files from another folder and paste them into the newly created folder
3. Modify 2 config files within the new installation

Also, I need advice on how I can trigger this script without hanging the browser (ie. redirect the user to a holding page that tells them to wait 5 or so minutes)as it will take quite a while for the 2000 files+ to be copied across.

I appreciate all your thoughts and suggestions.



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I am going to bump this... Surely someone must have done something like this before!

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Hm, never tried it, tho' why do you think that copying files would take 5 minutes? If they are both on the same server (hard disk) it should not take more then, let's say 15 to 20 seconds...

You could make an install page and after all config / user input is received call the 'install' script through Ajax and present 'wait' image for as long as Ajax does not receive data back (after copy is finished).

Also, look around for 'installatron' scripts, these are more / less generic script for installation of other scripts :-)


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Why don't you just have GoDaddy set it up for you? If you have hosting with them, it's free. If you're using someone else, like websecurestores or Hostgator, I'm sure they'd have a similar feature through cpanel, or something like that