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Full Version: db->set() escaping array with flag on
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$this->db->set(array('upvotes' => 'upvotes - 1', 'downvotes' => 'downvotes + 1'), FALSE);
$this->db->where('id', $answer_id);

Even though escape has been set to FALSE, 'upvotes - 1' and 'downvotes - 1' are still escaped.

Now if I break each set on it's own line as

$this->db->set('upvotes', 'upvotes - 1', FALSE);
$this->db->set('downvotes', 'downvotes + 1', FALSE);

It works. Can someone confirm this?


Please delete this. I had to set the second parameter (value) to NULL when using an array.

El Forum

im glad this wasn't deleted...seems this was the only post I could find on this.

When using $this->db->set() with an array of data and you need to do something like db_column = db_column + 1, you must set the second parameter as NULL... so it would look like this

$this->db->set($arrayData, NULL, FALSE);