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Full Version: highly dynamic user data.
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I have created an application with all usual stuff like user login/logout and sessions.

I want to know , What is the best way to store the misc. user data ? , like

last logins , their fav page on website , bookmarks etc. without dealing too much with mysql. ( i dont want to create a table and/or field for every new thing i want to store).

first idea is to get a huge array storing all the data ,serialzie it and store it in text fields. but then, i need to retrieve the whole data , for even a simple small amount of data,that i needed to look for.

I want to know , what everybody else is doing ? , what is ideal thing from performance point of view ?

tell me if i haven't make myself clear.

El Forum

I know you dont want to, but best way to do it is to create a table and store it there.