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Full Version: Message: Undefined property: ::$input or $uri
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Well after 3 hours I finally solved it.
I'm new to codeigniter soo, I had to look core codes to understand the reason.
The loader doesnt load them as "input" or "uri"

The result of
that used in Controller class to load base classes is:

    [benchmark] => Benchmark
    [hooks] => Hooks
    [config] => Config
    [utf8] => Utf8
    [urI] => URI
    [router] => Router
    [output] => Output
    [Input] => Input
    [lang] => Lang
    [loader] => Loader

So loader load them as "urI" and "Input"

I dont know why it does like that but using
$this->Input->post("post") | $this->urI->segment(2)
instead of
$this->input->post("post") | $this->uri->segment(2)
works at Codeigniter 2.0

Can you guys know why it does this?

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Maybe read the CodeIgniter User Guide!

You need to load the uri helper in your application/config/autoload.php


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For the people who have the same problem

Replacing this
$_is_loaded[strtolower($class)] = $class;
with this
$_is_loaded[mb_strtolower($class, 'UTF-8')] = $class;

at system/core/Common.php line 196

solves the problem

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You should never modify a system core file!

Report it as a bug to the Reactor Team to get it fixed!

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