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Full Version: Accessing a custom library's function in a helper
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Is this even possible? If so, what is the code required for it?

When I think of using the load, to me it only makes sense if it is used inside a class, but a helper is not a class but a group of functions.

Would I need to use 'new' instead? If so, how?

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If you want to use a function that is inside a library, you need to load the library and then use something like:

# Load the library.

# Use the function...

This answers your question?


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If its from a helper, you need to reference the CI superglobal, just like you do when creating libraries that use CI.
function some_helper()
  //grab our CI instance
  $CI =& get_instance();
  //use normally using the new reference

  $data = $CI->some_library->some_method();

Or, if you have already loaded the library in CI, you can reference it in your helper after grabbing the ci instance.

function some_helper($data)
  $CI =& get_instance();
  //library is already loaded in the controller before the helper, just access it