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Full Version: demand for codeiginiter more easier to use for beginners
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...where I found the standard package created by CodeIgniter...

CodeIgniter why not create a standard package for auth, simple blog, and so forth ... like any other php framwork, in this case for samples fuelPHP he makes the standard package, and coding standards for the framework itself.

just for suggestions, and requests me personally, kara some people more easily learn from samples "package made up "

for example for fuelPHP already has a standard package created by fuelPHP own...

thanks, come on come on CodeIgniter developer, create a standard package ..


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Codeigniter is great the way it is. I'm sure with codeigniter reactor requests like this will be heard and possibly implemented however it's quite easy to check out the existing auth libraries available in the forums.

I personally like how codeigniter is light weight and I can add what I need to it but I do understand it would be nice to have auth packages included.

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CodeIgniter 2.0 is new, give it some time and more tutorials will be created for it.

I am converting my blog over now to version 2.0


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I like it the way it is, it's definitely the least strict framework out there at the moment. Which I think makes it a lot easier for beginners, I mean you can practically ignore models in general and do all database function in the controllers. You don't even have to entirely follow the MVC pattern.