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Full Version: Output->cache() 2.0
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I've just upgraded to 2.0 - from 1.7.0 (I know late to the party but hey better late than never).

Our app relied upon $this->output->cache() to speed things up a bit and reduce server load.

But it seems to have stopped working now that we've upgraded to 2.0. The code is still in place and it doesn't throw an error. I've made sure I have a cache folder in the system and application folder as it seems uncertain where the cache folder should be. But nothing gets cached?

For that matter I can't find the 'Output' library within system/libraries either? Has this functionality been removed in favour of the Cache class.



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[eluser]Eric Barnes[/eluser]
Output is now moved to system/core/ and it does work. More than likely you may not have proper permissions on the cache folder. By default it is application/cache but can be changed in config.

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You beat me to answering my own post Smile. Thanks anyway.

Combination of permissions and it no longer being in the system folder that confused the issue. (i.e. created new folder in application and forgot permissions)