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Full Version: problem with autocompleter in Safari
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I have an funny problem with safari. I googled around and didn't find an answer, so I will look if someone here has an idea.
There is a input field to search clients, the field has the autocompleter from scriptacolous and the whole system is on utf-8.
It works perfect on all browsers without special chars like ü, ä, ö or cyrillic chars - except on safari.
When I enter the first specialchar - nothing happens.
Enter the second - and it works - with 'ü, ä, ö' but not with cyrillic chars.
If I delete the second cyrillic with backspace and write the cyrillic letter again it works.
It's like magic but only in Safari, in all other browsers it works without any problems.

Has someone an idea how to solve without writing an own autocompleter?