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Full Version: Strange Sessions problem
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I have a development server and a live server. The servers are configured identically. I have developed a user-login system using CI session and the suggested database table, CI_sessions.

For some very strange reason, on the live server, with the newest Chrome only, the session variables are not being saved properly and thus, users cannot login. I check the CI_session table on my dev server ad there is just one entry while I am testing. On the live server, I see several.

This only happens in the newest Chrome. everything is fine in Firefox, IE and Safari. And it is only on my live server. So clearly, they are NOT identical but I cannot figure it out. I have duplicated php.ini, the entire codeigniter folder and all of the code. And, again, it is only with Chrome and only on the one server.

Does anyone have any clue what I should look for? I am using 1.72 on these servers BTW, I have not yet upgraded to 2.02.

the site is -- the member login at the top.

Thanks for any suggestions.

EDIT: I wasn't clear -- I have put in multiple breakpoints and determined that the problem is that the system is not remembering the CI session variables after I validate the login and return to the system. And remember that it works on every other browser... Just Chrome and just my live server breaks.

One Other thing: It does the same thing in Safari, after all...

El Forum

[SOLVED] it was the ol' time on the server trick. The server's time had gotten behind about 2 hours. Everything is fine now.