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Full Version: [SOLVED] Twitter API problem
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I have a prob. with Twitter API's, yeah I tried two from Sparks, but with each I have the same problem, I don't get the tweets of my profile. To be honest, it worked only one time, when I first installed a twitter API. But no more times. Strangly, I can get other ppl tweets easily. May I temporarily banned ? Because I tried "too many times" to connect to the api?!?
I'm sure the API implementations work fine, after I downloaded another API and it works generally, too.
When I dump the variables I have empty arrays. Of course, my twitter account active and live.

Any ideas?

EDIT: manually entered @codeigniter :
and I get the 5 latest tweets
with my account the result is: []

EDIT 2: after modifying library code (correcting api link) I can get my tweets.