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Full Version: help with xajax examples for codeigniter
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I'm trying implementing the following example in codeigniter
however I'm having problems.
Attached is my non-working code.

Here is the complete demo site:


Class Searching Extends Controller {
function Searching()    {
    //ini_set('display_errors', 'On');

function getCities($sSearch)  {
  $aCities = array(
  $sOut = "";
  $nCount = 0;
  foreach($aCities as $sCity)  {
    $sPattern = "/^(".strtolower($sSearch).")/";
    if(preg_match($sPattern, strtolower($sCity)))  {
        $sOut .= "<li></li>";
        $sLastHit = $sCity;
  if($nCount > 31)  {
    $sOut = "";
    $objResponse = new xajaxResponse();
  if(strlen($sOut) > 0)  {
    $sOut = "<ul>".$sOut."</ul>";
    $objResponse->addScript("document.getElementById('citybox').style.display = \"block\"");
  else  {
    $objResponse->addScript("document.getElementById('citybox').style.display = \"none\"");
if($nCount == 1)  {
    $objResponse->addScript("document.getElementById('citybox').style.display = \"none\"");
    $objResponse->addScript("document.getElementById('search').value = \"".$sLastHit."\"");
    $objResponse->addAssign("citybox", "innerHTML", $sOut);  
    return $objResponse->getXML();

function index() {
    $template['head'] = $this->xajax->printJavascript();
    $template['xajax_js'] = $this->xajax->getJavascript(base_url() . "demo");
    $template['content'] = "&lt;input autocomplete=\"off\" type=\"text\" class=\"textbox\" name=\"search\" value=\"\" id=\"search\" onkeyup=\"xajax_getCities(document.getElementById('search').value);\"/&gt;<br />";
    $template['citybox_content'] = '<div id="citybox">&nbsp;</div>';
    $this->load->view('searching_view', $template);





&lt;title&gt;Searching 0.1 test&lt;/title&gt;



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what are the errors?

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I'm going to compare "my" code and this one:

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Sorry, but

whats with people not using the "code" tags....?

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hey dont be too hard on him..i also forgot those tags once in a while before.Wink
and rvent is right,with that much code,you should put it between code tags...its kinda confusing.

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sorry guys ... just fixed the post.

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[eluser]Đỗ Thanh Tùng[/eluser]
How about xajax library. I thinks that library cant be load