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Full Version: anchor without iframe
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hello everyone, i have a little question, right now i trying to build a website but for my contents i used <iframe> like this
<iframe name="main" id="main" width="940px" height="100%" src="<? echo base_url();?>/home/intro.php" frameborder="0"  marginwidth="0" marginheight="0">
but i have problems with the size and other things, i call my contents since a menu in a database, this is a one example for one anchor that i used
$html_out .= "\t\t\t".'<li>'.anchor($url.' '.$this->class_parent, '<span>'.$title.'</span>', 'name="'.$title.'" id="'.$id.'" target="'.$target.'"');
so i call in the database the url for my content and the target called "main" for recharge in my iframe, but i dont wanna use iframe or frames, i know that maybe this question has not much with CI but i would appreciate the help, so what other thing can i use to recharge my content since the database? how i can to recharge my url page in some div or something like that?