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Full Version: Need help with CICart
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Thank you to anyone that even bothers to read this. I have recently taken over a site from a disgruntled previous developer. In a nutshell they have a shopping cart connected to Paypal. There is only one product (memberships) and they come in single for $99.00 or double for 150.00.

I found the registration page, and the radial selections where they make that choice, here is a snipit of that code:
<input type="radio" name="paymentAmt" id="r25" value="single" />
$99 - One Member</label>
<label for="r26">
<br />
&lt;input type="radio" name="paymentAmt" id="r26" value="double" /&gt;
$150 - Two Members</label>

I found another page in the ci directory called payments.php and I think this is the part that deals with the amount:

$amount = ($this->input->post('paymentAmount') == 'single') ? '99.00' : '150.00';

My problem is that even when customers select "Single" they get charged 150.00 instead of the 99.00. If anyone sees anything glaring or wants to take a shot at this any help would be greatly appreciated.