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Full Version: Tryng to view the details of a Table with the ID from a list, Help.
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Hello im new to codeigniter i have made some code for a site im creating and have been strugling with a problem, im not being able to create a function that gives me the data to display the details of a list item ( a table ) Thanks in advance, here is my code:


function view_torrent_details()
           $id = $this->input->post('id');
           $data ['query'] = $this->Main_model->get_id()->result();
           $this->load->view('view_torrent_details', $data);

function get_id($id)
                $query_str = "SELECT id FROM torrents WHERE id = ?";
                $result = $this->db->query( $query_str, $id );
                if ($result->num_rows() > 0)
                    return true;
                } else { return false; }


foreach($query as $row)
         echo form_open('main/view_torrent_details');
                $id = $row->id;
                echo form_submit(array('name' => 'detalhes'), 'Detalhes');
                echo form_close();
                echo '<tr><td width="350">' . anchor('main/view_torrent_details', $row->nome) . '</td>';
  echo '<td width="50" align="center">' . $row->tipo . '</td>';
  echo '<td width="50" align="center">' . $row->categoria . '</td>';
  echo '<td width="90" align="center">' . $row->formato . '</td></tr>';
  echo '<br />';