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Full Version: Sessions _serialize not working recursively
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Hey guys !

I was banging my head into the wall this morning because i couldn't figure out what was the problem.

I have a huge session array (i know, it's bad but I REALLY can't do anything else) with some arrays in it.

This is a dumbed down version of what I have :

$user = array('name' => 'name',
              'downloads' => array('url' => '', 'name' => 'something\with\blackslashes')

The problem was that when serializing the array, the part with the \es wasn't processed and thus causing the _unserialize method to crash. Of course i do addslashes to my datas.

So i changed the code a little to add some recusivity in it :

function _serialize($data)
  if (is_array($data))
   array_walk_recursive($data, function(&$item,$key){
    if (is_string($item))
     $item = str_replace('\\', '{{slash}}', $item);
   if (is_string($data))
    $data = str_replace('\\', '{{slash}}', $data);

  return serialize($data);

Now everything is working correctly.

Going through all the session process (database, serialize, unserialze, test for special characters...) was a real pain.

El Forum

Thanks for this, it fixed a lot of the persistent session issues that I've been running into.

If anyone has been running into problems saving arrays of data this helps resolve the issue.

I'd recommend using a MY_Session.php library instead of modifying the core CodeIgniter code. A corresponding update is also needed to the _unserialize function.

I had opened an issue on GitHub and I submitted this as a solution:

This allows CI_Session to work a lot more like the Native PHP sessions.


El Forum

No recursion. It appears this is still the case years later. Thanks for this.