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Full Version: Successful request against CLI from terminal, but only default controller and action when run through Cron.
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I am try to configured a series of Cron jobs to use the CLI to replace the current method of using WGET. My desire is to increase security and add an extra layer of restriction that does not rely on extra lines of my own code.

The Cron job is configured as follows:

php -q /home/overstoc/www/admin/index.php  cron update

I am able to get the proper result from the following requests while connected through SSH:

php /home/overstoc/www/admin/index.php  home index
php /home/overstoc/www/admin/index.php  cron index

Each of the default actions just echo some diagnostic information, but I can verify they run properly. However, each time I have the Cron job run I am only getting the results for the default controller configured in the config and the default action for that controller.

If anyone can provide some suggestions I would appreciate it. The site is running on a cPanel server with PHP5.