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Full Version: Implementing permission issues
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Hi all

I am new to CI.I am planning to implement user levels and permissions.I checked some libraries in CI but none of them suites my requirements.So I started with my own.

I have issues in this.I have 4 different user types and 2 user types is having different levels and permissions in the system.I have added all permissions in the db based on the levels along with module/controller(CI) name.


When I am logging into the system,I need to check whether a user type have any permission in the system.I am able to get the type from the db.But Where I should write the code (controller constructor or hooks).I checked hooks and not getting an idea.Should I devlop a library and apply hooks.I am entirely new to CI.

If any user logging into the system,I need to display that user pages and his/her permissions in the page (For eg: sales person can read the items but manager can create and read the items).How to check these conditions in each controller in an efficient way ?

I am open to all ideas