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Full Version: How to Create Modular App with CodeIgniter
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Hi All,

I familiar craete application use modular system, like on PostNuke or Joomla

On PostNuke, we can create applicattion as module, that have specific function

On Joomla 1.5, individual component can have model, view and controller

On CakePHP, plugin is unit of Controller View and Model that have specific function

On Zend, with MVC and Front Controller we can configure like CakePhp

How i can create modular app on CodeIgniter
I search documentation, but not found it.

Thank You

Best Regards

Agus Suhartono

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On CodeIgniter use matchbox library Smile

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[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Search is a wonderful thing :p

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[eluser]Peter Ivanov[/eluser]
Hi, where to find that matchbox lib??

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