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Full Version: Simple Profile Page using Ion Auth
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Hi all,

Very new to CI, Ion Auth and PHP in general here - but I have CI successfully up and running and have gone through the tutorials and I have both the news pages working and Ion Auth itself working - I can log in or create a user.

I want to create a public profile page for registered users once the sign up for our app - I can successfully create the users using Ion Auth

I have a controller called profiles.php

<?php defined('BASEPATH') OR exit('No direct script access allowed');
class Profile extends CI_Controller {
  public function index()
   //echo 'Hello World!';

And of course a view called index.php in views/profile

Ideally this profile page will show the logged in user's info from the database and Id like to change the header to provide a log out link and show the user's username (for logged out users, we provide Sign In or Sign Up links)

Any tutorials or step-by-step walk throughs anyone could provide would be appreciated - I have found lots of snippet s but not sure how to piece them all together