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Full Version: WebPage loads Wrong after form_Validation set_rules
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It is possible after set_rules in form_validation, something like this:

$this->form_validation->set_rules('empfact', 'Nome da Empresa','trim|required|xss_clean');

This action modify my webpage layout? it is this possible in any case?

Because i am with a problem and the problems occurs after this action (set_rules).

The problem is: after i submit a form and set_rules, my webpage load with a white space in top of the page with +/- 10px of height.

Plus: in IE (only in IE) after perform this action, my webpage load without some images and align left.

Any ideas?

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No, not with that code example. It will not output anything. You must be doing that somewhere else that you've forgotten about.

El Forum

Finally, I found the problem. Was a very stupid problem, but maybe this POST can be useful to other programmers in the future.

I selected in NOTEPAD++ to do the text codification in UTF-8 (Standard is ANSI) <- this was the problem.

Now everything is working fine,

Ty all.