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Full Version: Comments on Phil Sturgeon's latest blog article on CodeIgniter's future?
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I just read Phil S' latest article on CodeIgniter and its future. As I have extensively used CI for the past several years, the fact that (according to Phil) there would be some short-comings, sounds concerning.

What do you guys think?

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PHP frameworks are much like cars or even IDE's. You ask 100 people what their favorites are, and you are going to a lot of different answers. That being said, Phil had been a major part of the CI community, but as his blogs describes, he seems to have moved on. He has done a lot of work for the community. However, it depends on your workflow, and what type of work you will need to complete. Most of the described shortcomings really come from PHP 5.2. How many clients are running 5.2/5.3 that you work with? I know most of the work I have done has been usually hosted by the client on a shared hosting plans. That usually means 5.2 for me, and I am fine with that. I develop locally in 5.3 so that if environments upgraded to 5.3, my applications don't break.

I've had the same experience with shopping cart software. Development of one of the applications I have done a lot of work for, has such an old bloated code base. It was still mostly procedural, and wasn't MVC. After using CI alot, and how MVC pattern can make the application such much easier to manage, I have switched to a new shopping cart application.

What's working for you now, may not be working for you in the future. If you are wanting the latest and greatest, try out one of the newer flavors out there. If you are wanting and oldie but a goodie, use CI.

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Phil makes it blatantly clear both why he wrote his blog post, as well as how CodeIgniter isn't dead, broken, crappy, or any of those other negative things that keep getting brought up.

If CI works for you, then keep using it. 3.0 is making CI better in the usual CI way. Sure, it's probably "old" or short coming for some developers who want specific functionality. But it doesn't mean it's bad or should be avoided by everyone.

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It's nothing but a tool and you need to use the right tool to get the job done.