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Full Version: Error Messages not showing on extended core controller
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Hello, i am just curious why is the error messages not showing on extended core controller.
i am using CI 2.1.3

So i have class "MY_Controller", and i have another class controller "Admin_Controller" that extend "MY_Controller". If there is typo or missing bracket, etc.. in Admin_Controller... the page will just fatal error or warning messages show. but if there is typo or missing bracket, etc.. in MY_Controller or another Controller the error messages show normally..

I wonder whats wrong..

El Forum

There is no reason error reporting would change when extending a controller, unless you've explicitly told error reporting to be something different.

El Forum

well, i didn't have any other setting in that controller that would hide the error messages.
i did include this "Admin_Controller" so that CI can load it, in the end of my /application/config/config.php file
with this code

function __autoload($class){
   if(strpos($class, 'CI_') !== 0){
      @include_once( APPPATH . 'core/'. $class . EXT );

i don't think it have anything to do with the dispay_error setting though.