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Full Version: Codeigniter & IBM IHS
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Hi all,

Just a short question about CodeIgniter and IBM IHS. Has someone running this setup?

I developed an application on Apache and MySQL and i need to migrate now to another webserver with IHS and Oracle, the oracle implementation worked well, but i got issues with the IHS migration part.

If i enter a correct URL i just get a blank page, but if i enter a wrong URL he gives me Page not found (what actualy would be correct). But it's not a framework error page.

Any ideas? Sad


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Welcome to the CodeIgniter forums!

A blank page is normally caused by a trailing tab or space after a closing PHP tag, or because an error is being thrown, but error reporting is disabled.

To enable error reporting, paste this at the top of your index.php file:
ini_set('display_errors', '1');

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Many thanks Smile

Well, that was my idea too, but it didn't help. He doesn't print out any thing.

The strange thing is, when i create a new codeigniter application, just basic settings, it works..

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Have you enabled logging? What does your log say?