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Full Version: Chaching problem
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Hi everyone.
I a'm currently working on a page made in CodeIgniter.
If i for instance do a change in my view or controller, then there will go 10 minutes before the changes is visible.
I have not manually turned cache on.

I believe caused byCodeIgniter, since there is no caching problem if I make a regular html or php file. However here is my php info: phpinfo()

Does any have a idea what is wrong. It really makes my work much more hard to work on.
Thanks for your help.

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It unlikely codeigniter is causing the caching issues, codeigniter offers 3 ways to cache

1. page caching - you can check to see if there anything in the cache folder (codeigniter\application\cache) as this is where codeigniter saves it cached files.

2. database caching - You can check if your using database caching by going to application/config/database.php and check for ['cache_on'] = FALSE;

3.driver caching -you can read about them here

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are you using third party view engine? In that case, it is possible that, caching is being done by that engine. such as, smarty do cache views..