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Full Version: Extending Model not working on OVH Web hosting
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hi all !

I have a problem with a simple librairy in CodeIgniter 2.1.3.

This librairy :

When i use this librairy in local with wamp (php 5.3.10), it works perfectly.

but I want to use this librairy on a project hosted in OVH web hosting (French) and it return a error like this :

Fatal error: Class 'MY_Model' not found in / on line 4

I have copy the My_Model.php in my ./application/core folder

I have create a model who extends My_Model in my ./application/models folder (images_models) like this :

<?php  if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');

class images_model extends MY_Model
public $table = 'images';
public $primary_key = "";

    public function default_join()

        $this->db->join('artistes', ' =');  
        $this->db->join('type_image', 'type_image.id_type = images.type');    


In my controller i have include my model :


And i don't understand why on OVh Web hosting it not work !!!

If you have an idea because I tear my hair Undecided

Thanks. (sorry for my english, i French)


El Forum

Make sure that when you upload all your files that you save them as lowercase filenames, a lot ISP's use case sentitivity.

El Forum

Thank you for your reply.

The problem it's the name of my file "MY_Model.php" in the core folder.

I rename it "My_Model.php and it's ok ! :-)