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Full Version: How do i use left join in code igniter
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Hi, can i ask..i am still newbie on this code igniter and i am worry about how to use the left join,subquery etcc...can you please show me how to use in codeigniter.

this is my pdo sqlquery how do i convert this to codeigniter sqlquery...
for example like this....
$db->prepare("select emp.empno,emp.firstname,jb.empno,jb.jobname
                             from employee emp LEFT OUTER JOIN job jb
                             on emp.empno = job.empno");


please help me thannk you in advance.Smile

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I work with CodeIgniter 3.0 dev, and the following code should work:

$query = $this->db
    ->select('emp.empno, emp.firstname, jb.jobname')
    ->from('employee AS emp')
    ->join('job AS jb', 'emp.empno = job.empno', 'left outer')
    ->get(); // See in the manual how to deal with query results.

As a result it builds the following raw query:

SELECT `emp`.`empno`, `emp`.`firstname`, `jb`.`jobname`
FROM `employee` AS `emp`
LEFT OUTER JOIN `job` AS `jb` ON `emp`.`empno` = `job`.`empno`

It is strange to me why the field jb.empno is placed, it is repetitive, I think. I removed it.

For lower version of CodeIgniter I did not test this. You may see this.

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Not mandatory, but useful:

For development purpose you may enable the profiler, it displays useful information at the bottom of the page. I shows the generated raw queries, so you can make comparison whether they are correct.

For production system disable the profiler.

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Hi Thank you for the quick reply...and thank you for helping me.