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Full Version: Show vairations for products in a table
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Hey Guys,
New to CI, and PHP really Smile

I'm trying to grasp the MVC methods. I can do this with Spahgetti code, but trying to work out the best methods for creating code i can reuse, and to keep the view free from lots of php.

So this is what i have so far.
I know the view is way off, but have tried so many different ways, but just can't get it.
Any help would be so good!
Thanks in advance.

public function getProducts() {
  // get products

  $query = $this->db->query("SELECT *
     FROM isc_products AS p
     LEFT JOIN isc_product_images AS pi
     ON pi.imageprodid = p.productid
     LIMIT 20 ");

  return $query->result();

public function getVariations($productid) {    
    // get variations for each product
    $query = $this->db->query("
       SELECT p.prodname AS pprodname, c.vcsku AS pvcsku,
       GROUP_CONCAT(o.vovalue ORDER BY o.voname SEPARATOR ' | '),
       c.vcprice, c.vcpricediff, p.prodprice, c.vcstock, p.productid AS pproductid
       FROM isc_product_variation_combinations AS c
       LEFT JOIN isc_product_variation_options AS o
       ON FIND_IN_SET(o.voptionid, c.vcoptionids)
       LEFT JOIN isc_products AS p
       ON p.productid = c.vcproductid
       WHERE c.vcproductid = $productid
       GROUP BY
       ORDER BY o.vooptionsort, o.vovaluesort
    return $query->result();


public function products() {
  $data['products'] = $this->get_db->getProducts();
  $productid = $this->get_db->getProducts('productid');

  $data['variations'] = $this->get_db->getVariations($productid);

  $data['title'] = "Products";

  // $this->load->view('view_db' , $data);

And the view (i know this is wrong, but just can't work out how to pass the parent productid to get the variations of the product)

<!-- table data -->
   <?php foreach ($products as $product) : ?>
     <td><img src="siteurl/&lt;?php echo $product-&gt;imagefiletiny; ?&gt;"></td>
     <td>&lt;?php echo $product->productid; ?&gt;</td>
     <td>&lt;?php echo $product->prodcode; ?&gt;</td>
     <td>&lt;?php echo $product->prodname; ?&gt;</td>
    &lt;?php foreach ($variations as $variation) : ?&gt;
     &lt;?php if($variation->pproductid == $product->productid) { ?&gt;
       <td>&lt;?php echo $variation->pproductid; ?&gt;</td>
       <td>&lt;?php echo $variation->pvcsku; ?&gt;</td>
       <td>&lt;?php echo $variation->pprodname; ?&gt;</td>

    &lt;?php } endforeach; ?&gt;
   &lt;?php endforeach; ?&gt;