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Full Version: ActiveRecord changes string value
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I've recently started using CodeIgniter ( using version 2.1.3 ) and I'm still trying to get used to ActiveRecord.

And I'm hoping I can get a solution for the following issue I encountered:

For the following controller method:
public function test()
header( 'Content-type: text/plain' );
$this->db->db_debug = false;

$value = 'x  y'; // two spaces between x and y

$this->db->select( 'id' )
  ->from( 'table' )
  ->where( '(column=' . $this->db->escape( $value ) .
   ( empty( $value ) ? ' OR column IS NULL)' : ')' ), null, false )

echo $this->db->last_query();

and the query looks like this:
FROM (`table`)
WHERE (column='x y')
there is only one blank space between x and y, instead of two ( same thing with CI 2.1.4 )

Can someone suggest a solution with Activerecord or do I have to stop using it and build all my queries without it?