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Full Version: Calender class: two column lay-out
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I'm now working with the calendar class and it has already saved me a lot of time with creating a proper calendar! So thanks for that!!

Anyway, I'm thinking of using different views of the calender, for my visitors to choose from. Changing the current design with CSS is no problem off course, but actually I'd also like to display the calender in a two column-design. So showing the first 16 days in column 1 and the last 13-15 in the second column. I'd also like to display the name of the day and the date in front of each row.

I've been trying to come up with this in the calendar template, but without any luck .. has anyone tried this before? Does anyone have some pointers on how to go about this? Or better, is it even possible using the calender class?

Thanks in advance!


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calendar... not calender. maybe that's why your searches of the CI forums didn't turn up anything! ;-)

does this thread on calendar template changes help?

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Hi sophistry, thanks for your reply .. I always tend to write that word wrong :S .. not a native English speaker Smile Indeed my search returned very little results.

The thread you are referring to seams to be helpful! I'll go and take a closer look at it and see if I can work something out! If not, I'll return here ..