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Full Version: how to add condition in jquery.datatable.min template for codeigniter?
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i want to add a if condition and it will check if pubsihed value is 1 or 0 and then will show checkbox.

if published value is 1 then checkbox will be checked and if value is 0 then checkbox will be unchecked.

<tr id="${lang_code},${catid}">
<td> ${serial}</td>
&lt;input type="checkbox" name="newsletter[]" id="checkbox" value="${lang_code},${catid},${published}"&gt;
<td>${published} &lt;?= echo "my name is monir"; ?&gt;
&lt;input type="checkbox" name="published" id="published" value="${published}"&gt;

<td><a class="updateBtn" href="${updateLink}">&lt;?=lang('category_manager_edit_text');?&gt; </a>|<a class="translationBtn" href="${translationLink}">&lt;?=lang('category_manager_translation_text');?&gt;</a> | <a class="deleteBtn" href="${deleteLink}">&lt;?=lang('category_manager_delete_text');?&gt;</a></td>

&lt;?php $i++; ?&gt;


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See form_checkbox():