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Full Version: i18n problem with italian and spanish
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I'm using codeigniter from github and codeigniter_i18n.

It works with language like french, English, Dutch, German BUT not with Spanish (es) and Italian (it).
I get a 404 each time I want to change to these two languages.

In my config.php I have:
//For the dropdown menu.
$config["lang"] = array(
"en" => "English",
"fr" => "Français",
"es" => "Español",
"it" => "Italiano",
"de" => "Deutsch",
"nl" => "Nederlands");

In MY_Lang I have:
//The keys are the same as those above
//Values define the folder in language folder
private $languages = array(
    'en' => 'english',
    'de' => 'german',
    'fr' => 'french',
    'nl' => 'dutch',
    'es' => 'spanish',
    'it' => 'italian'

I don't have any information other than the 4O4.

Thank you

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First, that library was written for an older version of CI (2.x), so it might not work 100% with CI3. But since you say you have it working for other languages, did you:
1) create the routes for the new languages?
2) create the language files for the new languages?

I'm just getting info from the link you gave...

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The routes...of course! Thank you and sorry for your time Wink