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Full Version: Using ci-phpunit-test for Multiple Projects
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The ci-phpunit-test library is great, but I am looking for a way for multiple projects to share it so that I don't have to add over 900 files to each project. Ideally, it would sit in a shared location and each project would just have the files with the unit tests for that project.
I'd appreciate advice on handling this.
How about using symlink?

After installing ci-phpunit-test, run the following commands:
$ cd /path/to/your/codeigniter/application/test
$ rm -rf _ci_phpunit_test
$ ln -s /path/to/ci-phpunit-test/application/tests/_ci_phpunit_test/ .
Works perfectly!  Big Grin

Might I suggest adding a short section to your project's readme about this?

Thanks for your quick reply! You've done great work!